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Generic 60″X60″ Projector Screen With Tripod Stand



  • Easy to mount and use; Easy to pack up and go
  • Portable projection screen, ideal for mobile presentations
  • High-resolution, white matte screen for sharp, rich display
  • Durable steel Casing for safe storage and easy transportation
  • Matte White Fabric Projector Screen surface
  • Square Format/ 1:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Front Projection screen
  • Made of high quality, durable components to ensure long life.


This Tripod Projection Screen is ideal for indoor and outdoor presentations, this proven and reliable tripod portable projection screen combines precision with the elegance of a traditional design. Its rugged construction will withstand the rigors of daily usage while its adjustable locking ring provides ease in its adjustable height settings. Ideal for Schools, office, Hotels, Bars and Restaurants as portable screen.

When you deliver presentations on the go, possibly running training stops as you get mandates from company to company, you might want to acquire your own presentation gadgets. That will necessarily include a projector and, most likely, a projection screen. And because you run your presentations on a mobile basis, you just have to get a screen you can easily take wherever you go.

The portable tripod projection screen is the answer. The tripod screen is portable, has a tripod (three-legged) stand and is easy to set up. Just open it to quickly set up for your presentation and easily retract and pack it up when you’re done. And off you go with it, perhaps to your next stop! All of that, in a jiffy.


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