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MILLENIA 42U Server Rack 800×800 Floor Standing Server Cabinet


Key Features

  • Networking/Cabling/Broadcast
  • 19 Electronic Equipment Housing
  • Communication Systems
  • IT Systems
  • Enclosed glass front door with slam latch lock
  • Lockable rear metal door with low level venting
  • Vented and lockable side panels
  • Raised and vented top cover with cable entry
  • Transport castors
  • Open base design
  • Vertical cable management (800mm wide only)
  • Fully adjustable 19 mounting profiles
  • Earth bonding kit
  • Full range of complenting accessories
  • Supplied assembled or in flat pack option
  • Multiple door configurations available
  • Configurable roof options to cater for overhead cable installations
  • Full range of airflow management accessories



Cabinet can be fitted with a range of options including side panels, solid steel doors, vented glazed doors and vented steel doors all designed to offer the flexibility to meet everyday requirements.

1.Comply with ANSI/EIA, RS-310-D; IEC297-2; DIN41491: PART1; DIN41494: PART7; GB/T3047.2-92 standard and ETSI standard.
2. The patented framework is made by connecting double tube section and special tee in optional assembly and welding structures, and has a firm integral structure with static load of 1,500kg.
3. The elegant and gorgeous high-density mesh front door and side-by-side mesh rear door and air vents with the vent area no less than 75% of the cabinet door provide the optimal horizontal air flow; the front door can be tempered glass door with internationally popular color.
4. The integral left and right side door can be rapidly assembled and disassembled, and also can have two-section or three-section style.
5. It can be installed with the universal trundle and supporting legs to facilitate the movement and fixation.
6. The front door can be opened on the left or right as required; the top incoming hole is equipped with the rubber cord cover.
7. As the depth of -shaped installation angle gauge is adjustable (unit: 25mm), it can install all standard servers.
8. The comfortable handle with the safety lock and three-point lock system increase the security of the cabinet body.
9. The front door and rear door can be opened at an angle of 130.
10. Specifications and structural changes are customizable according to customer demand


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