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Solar 200 Watts Solar Panel Polycrystalline


Key Features

  • Type of Product : Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • Rated Power Range : 200-240 W
  • Watt : 200 W
  • Module Voltage : 24 V
  • Number of Cells : 60


The 200 Watt Solar polycrystalline panel is durable and promises more than twenty years of optimal performance. This PV panel promises a high module efficiency and excellent response under low light, increasing the time energy is generated from them.
The 200 W Polycrystalline Solar panel price is a great deal for users and installers looking to install a highly efficient and affordable Solar Panel for an off-grid Solar system within Nigeria, as well as for installing a 200 Watt solar kit.
This Polycrystalline Solar panel 200W gives you an additional 30W when compared to the 170 W Solar panel.


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