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Solar 250 Watt 24V Polycrystalline Solar Panel


Key Features

  • A+ Grade, anti PID Poly Crystalline cells.
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 17-18V.
  • Use High-Efficiency Poly Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells.
  • Compliance to IEC standards.
  • Anti Reflecting Coating and Back Surface Field Structure to improve cell conversion efficiency.
  • High-Transparency low-iron tempered glass is enhanced with stiffness.


The POLY CRYSTALLINE solar panels comes with a stamp of quality for high energy conversion rate. Made of high efficiency polycrystalline solar cells, you are assured of excellent performance even in low sunshine conditions. If you desire to acquire solar panels that will deliver high performance, you can trust that every kobo spent on IT,which will yield high dividend. These are not open market solar panels that are hardly what they are claimed to be.
The practically maintenance-free poly crystalline silicon solar cells panels will work diligently for long years, maintaining consistent power output. With your solar power backup system, you get to enjoy virtually free energy supply and in the cleanest form, year after year.
The durabilty of the poly crystalline silicon solar cells solar panels derives from the high quality components used in the manufacture. Tough scratch-resistant solar glass surface ensures consistently high power conversion ratio years into the life of the poly crystalline solar panel. The anodized aluminium alloy frame is solid casing to keep the solar cells in perfect condition for its long years of service.
The 250 watt poly crystalline solar panel is suitable for high capacity installation. While solar panels are not cheap to acquire, good quality panels like assure long years of service, translating to insignificant cost, over the long term.
High efficiency poly crystalline silicon solar cells
High transmssion tempered glass surface
Excellent Performance even in relatively low sunshine condition
Tough construction with high durability against harsh weather conditions
Anodized aluminium alloy frame
Safe, secure junction box, quality outdoor rated cables
High durability modules with consistent power output for long years
Scratch resistant toughened solar glass surface


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