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96″x 96″ Projector Screen with Tripod



  • Tripod projection screen with a tripod stand for easy set-up
  • Portable screen for on-the-go presentations
  • Set it up on its stand for your presentation and dismantle when you’re done
  • 96 x 96 inch square type projection screen
  • Matte white quality fabric for high-impact display
  • White metal casing to house and protect the screen
  • Contrast-enhancing black edge trimming
  • Quality components for durability


This tripod projector screen has a tripod stand to mount it at whatever venue you have a presentation. Designed to be easy to take about and quick to deploy, you will enjoy hassle-free presentations with it’s portable tripod projection screen.

This is a durable, portable, easy to set up tripod projector screen for on-the-go presentations. When you need a projector screen that’s there to beam your presentations to your audience wherever your activity takes you, this 96 x 96 inch projection screen is all you need. Built in durable components and finished in quality matte white display surface, you’ll get the sharp display you desire.

The durable casing ensures its protection,while the solid stand ensures you will keep using this tripod projector screen for years to come.


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